Travel buddy Products

Travel Buddy provides a unique, white label, mobile solution to the Travel Industry to drive increased revenues, enhance the customer service proposition and reduce overheads. Travel Buddy is a mobile communication and information service designed specifically to meet the needs of the UK Travel Industry and its customers, delivering content via SMS, mobile internet and email.

Travel Buddy tailors its products and services to meet with the business objectives of its customers and is a results driven business. Below are a couple of examples of products but please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or for just an informal discussion.



Our Unique Broadcast System enables our customers to communicate with their customers by route, dates of travel, airport, destination, or any other customer profile as they require. This can be delivered manually in times of Operational or Crisis communications or delivered by automated SMS notifications which include flight alerts, essential travel information as well as local content.  The unique Travel Buddy SMS Broadcast System can be used to enhance service as well increase revenues.



Look after your customer throughout their journey and holiday by delivering to them, a  ‘Branded’ SMS Information Pack! At each leg of their journey, under your brand, they will be updated with relevant destination information as well as any delays to their flight or journey. This is currently being delivered by a number of companies and is seen as a revenue driver as well as service differentiator.



The Travel Buddy Mobile Travel Guides are a UNIQUE ‘White label’ mobile solution, delivering bespoke information specific to the dates of the customer travel, their destination and their profile.

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