Travel buddy For Travel Agents

How do you utilise and embrace the fastest growing communication tool on the planet and make it work for your business and your customers?

The ‘Internet’ received a similar billing some years ago and we all know what happened to companies that embraced the internet as a major tool in their business early on...or perhaps we know more about the companies that didn’t embrace it!

However, the important question now is: How, why and where is mobile relevant to your company and how do you assess what the opportunities are for your business?

Travel Buddy has carried out the legwork for you. We give you the facts. We take you through why you need to be embracing the ‘mobile opportunity’ now. We’ve developed a system for you to manage it on. We’ve put together a strategy for you… AND we have produced an easy entry into using mobile in your business, delivering improved customer service, actual cost savings and also generating additional revenue.

The mobile opportunity should be viewed in the same way as the Internet, in so far as, Mobile does not replace any other communication channel but will be a vital part of your product/service delivery mix. Companies are already using it, generating revenues and their customer feedback is excellent!



Look after your customer! Under your brand, deliver relevant travel and destination information including any delays to their flights. You choose the content you want and we do everything else. This can enhance revenues, service or reduce costs. Our unique SMS Broadcast System enables you to also manage that communication.



There are no ‘touch points’ left  ‘un-touched’ by Travel Buddy and we have created new ones through mobile. All these services will drive revenues, enhance customer service as well as build you an invaluable mobile customer database. Companies are already using it and making money!



Mobile communication extends the selling time with your customers and introduces new revenues streams for your business. As margins continue to be squeezed, additional and enhanced revenues have become important to many travel organisations. Travel Buddy provides that opportunity.