Travel buddy For Tour Operators

Travel Buddy is the innovator of ‘White Label’, mobile content and communication systems to Tour Operators to drive increased revenues, enhance the customer service proposition and reduce overheads. The latest advancements in mobile technology allow the tour operator to steal a competitive advantage. Travel Buddy delivers a system that not only enhances the customer experience but enables the tour operator to stay in touch with their customer whilst they are in resort, building an ongoing relationship and opening revenue streams that were previously difficult or impossible to access.

Unrest and natural disasters in destinations worldwide such as New Orleans, Kenya, China and Haiti as well as the ‘Volcanic Ash’ disruption of all UK Airports have increased the importance of tour operators being able to communicate quickly and effectively with customers whilst they are on holiday, wherever they are in the world.

Travel Buddy has created a unique Information package, delivered by text direct to a customer’s mobile under your brand, which can be fully tailored with destination and/or product specific content (i.e. local weather reports, ski and snow conditions, regional activities, tour operator specific excursions and information. etc). You choose the content you want and we do the rest.

This information package can deliver valuable and timely information to the customer, in an efficient and easy format to assist with their journey and holiday and earn the tour operator additional revenue. 

Travel Buddy is the only text-based SMS service that will fulfill the complete requirements of the 21st century tour operating business, covering, sales, marketing, customer services, operations, payments and much more.



Look after your customer throughout their journey and holiday. At each leg of their journey, under your brand, they will be updated with relevant destination information as well as any delays to their flight or journey. This is a revenue driver as well as service differentiator.



Mobile communication extends the selling time with your customers and introduces new revenues streams for your business. As margins continue to be squeezed, additional and enhanced revenues have become important to many travel organisations. Travel Buddy provides that opportunity.



Look after your customer! Under your brand, deliver relevant travel and destination information including any delays to their flights. You choose the content you want and we do everything else. This can enhance revenues, service or reduce costs. Our unique SMS Broadcast System enables you to also manage that communication.