Travel buddy For Passengers

You know that feeling you get when your on holiday and there is no-one around to ask a question or find out where to go. Well TravelBuddy has arrived to help fill this void with an information service that only costs as much as a text message.

We can deliver you News, Results, emergency contact numbers, weather, what's on guides for your local area and much more. Register now for your next holiday and we'll make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy yourself.


Emergncy Numbers :.
One week before you travel you will receive emergency telephone numbers for your holiday destination. These include the British Consulate and 999 equivalent, all with the correct dialling codes for a UK mobile.

Exciting Things To Do :.
After you receive your destinations emergency numbers we send you two itinerary texts jam-packed with exciting events, activities, evening entertainment and much, much more. The clever bit is that we only send you details of the stuff that's happening whilst you're there.

Weather :.
. TEXT "weather" to 82345 Text Weather to 82345 and we will send you a two day weather forecast for your resort. You can use this service as soon as you have registered your holiday, very handy if you're unsure what to pack or if you just want to show off to you friends how good the weather is!

Whats On Tommorow :.
. TEXT "wot" to 82345 Text WOT to 82345 and we will send you a list of great activities and brilliant events in and around your resort that are on the next day. GREAT STUFF

Ask Any Question :.
. TEXT "q" to 82345 Text us any question you like, anytime, from anywhere and we will answer it! Just text Q followed by your question e.g. 'Q What were this weeks lottery numbers?' to 82345 and we do the rest. The best bit is that if you're on a holiday registered with Travel Buddy and want to ask questions about your resort, you don't have to tell us where you're staying because we already know!

Why not give it a go now?

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