Travel Buddy For Airlines


As an Airline, you will have heard about the ‘Mobile Opportunity’ and how ‘mobile’ will play an important role in the future of travel! But away from all the marketing froth and sound bites, what does that actually mean in practical terms for your business?  You will no doubt have many questions. The below are perhaps a couple:

  • Can we make revenues from mobile?
  • Can mobile be used to reduce costs?
  • Are people searching for Flights on their mobile and if so how and on what handsets?
  • Are travellers actually buying tickets on their mobile?
  • Mobile App or Mobile Internet…which ones' best for us?

So, how do you utilize and embrace the fastest growing communication tool on the planet and make it work for your business and your customers? Some years ago the ‘Internet’ received a similar billing to that currently being enjoyed by mobile and we all know what happened to companies that embraced the Internet, or perhaps we know more about those that didn’t!

Mobile in the Travel sector is the area of expertise of Travel Buddy. We are NOT a consultancy. Our business model is to deliver Airlines practical ways to deliver additional revenue streams and share in that additional revenue. The revolution in mobile technology and the advancements and enhancements that Travel Buddy brings to that communication process, will serve to enhance an airline’s reputation, brand as well as earning power.

Until now, an airline only had customer contact and the opportunity to communicate or sell to that customer, prior to departure and during their flight. Once the customer had passed through their destination airport, the opportunity to interact with that customer did not exist… until now.



Mobile communication extends the selling time with your customers and introduces new revenues streams for your business. As margins continue to be squeezed, additional and enhanced revenues have become important to many travel organisations. Travel Buddy provides that opportunity.



There are no ‘touch points’ left  ‘un-touched’ by Travel Buddy and we have created new ones through mobile. All these services will drive revenues, enhance customer service as well as build you an invaluable mobile customer database. Companies are already using it and making money!



Automated SMS notification, flight alerts & essential travel information can be delivered directly to your passengers throughout their journey as required. Our unique SMS Broadcast System enables you to also manage that communication and can be used to enhance service or drive revenues.